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Come dance, play, look and listen and help us celebrate and support all that this amazing project has germinated. Learn more about the PLOT Sharing Garden and meet the some of the artists, gardeners and community builders behind the scenes! This interdisciplinary reading series offers featured presenters, time for participants to ask questions and exchange views, an open mic, refreshments, and, the opportunity to be in a tent pitched in the green surroundings of a garden and medicine wheel. Join us for the first event of Garden Plot Reading Series.

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For those interested in offering a piece for the open mic see note below. The event will be hosted by Teresa Klein, one of the guiding energies behind the Sharing Garden in Newton. Surrey Artist Coop will be having a mini market with their wares from 11 to pm and then after the readings from 4 pm until closing.

Check out and support your the local artists! Mark your calendar from June to August The physical bins or the cards could then be used to set up a process of ongoing improvement. The plant can keep reducing the number of Kanban cards, which will in turn expose the various flow problems in the plant.

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Other tools and techniques were invented to ensure plants could remove the obstacles to flow, like setting up of reduction techniques, standardization, 5 s, etc. The entire manufacturing system is now famous as the Toyota Production System. It is also known as just-in-time manufacturing. The operational practices of TPS helped Toyota produce highly reliable cars yet affordable for the masses.

By the late 20th century, Toyota had built a decisive competitive edge in the market. It was able to make strong inroads in the US market, previously held by the big three of the US auto market. Most auto plants in India have some form of Kanban system or restricted bins or restricted carriages to hold SKUs. Some plants deliberately limit space to force flow of inventory. For example, the purchase material store in many OEM and tier I auto component organizations have space limitation to carry inventory enough to cover few shifts of production.

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With minimal inventory on the production floor and the incoming stores, implementation of other tools of TPS just-in-time manufacturing like 5 s, cellular layout most plants look clean and organized. The stability of a supply chain can be gauged by two parameters — the level of expediting and the stability of inventory profile in the chain. To understand the level of instability, one needs to first appreciate the complexity of an auto supply chain.

Auto plants, whether an automobile plant or a tier I component plant,are mostly assembly-oriented.

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Each end SKU requires a multitude of parts to arrive together for assembly. Non-availability of a single feeding part can delay the assembly of the SKU. The level of stability of a plant is directly indicated by the availability of complete kits for planned assembly schedule. Higher the kit coverage number of days of planned production for which kits are complete , more stable the plant.

Our research andexperience in the Indian Auto Industry shows that most auto OEMs and component manufacturing plants suffer greatly from poor kit coverage. It is not uncommon to have many incomplete kits of SKUs at a day level, particularly for the SKUs that are being demanded immediately by the customer.

Purchase managers struggle to get kits for a day. Frequent rescheduling due to incomplete kits further aggravates the kit availability problem. Purchase manager of the OEM or even the purchase manager of a component vendor is on an expediting mode throughout the day, trying to somehow get adequate kits to meet the production plan of the day. The schedules of production are not stable even for a day at times even for a shift.

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Most auto supply chains in India do not have the stability of schedules. At the same time, the inventory of the entire supply chain goes haywire from time to time.

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A Mishmash for a Short Read [Sidney Lodwick Alford] on pimarlivavi.ml *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Mishmash is selected easy to read short stories. A Mishmash for a Short Read - Kindle edition by Sidney Lodwick Alford. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features.

For example, during every economic downturn the dealer inventory of the OEMs balloons up many times, and the reaction of OEMs for production correction usually has a significant lag about months of lag in production corrections. At the same time, every month end the level of inventory of the auto OEM drops with a huge spike in last week dispatches. Limitation of space or bins makes the supply chain extremely sensitive to flow issues when the demand is widely fluctuating.

Toyota has been able to deal with the challenge of deliberate limitations of bin by a process of standardization and deliberate smoothening of the demand at an SKU level on the customer. At the same time, changing Euro norms have increased the rate of new product introduction at a component level. When new components are replacing old ones frequently, the number of bins have to be re-defined frequently — which in turn makes it impossible to be on a process of ongoing improvement the baseline of the number of bins is not fixed to bring about a continuous process of reduction of bins to expose the flow problems.

In this environment, strictly following bin-availability-based-production in the entire chain is nearly impossible. So they have made a compromise, used the bins to move inventory between component vendor and OEM, but not used it to trigger production at tier I vendor. If the bin is not used to trigger production, then one has to bear the brunt of high inventory. The auto OEMs keep inventory enough to cover few shifts of production at their incoming stores and insist their tier I vendors to keep adequate stocks at warehouses near their assembly lines.

Kindle Edition , 58 pages. Published August 18th by Pan first published August 1st More Details Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about One Man's Meat , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews.

Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. Sort order. Jan 11, Gaurav Prabhu rated it really liked it. Such an interesting read. Had fun reading it. Each of the four endings will hold you in admiration for the writer. Good for an hour of reading.

[Animated] My No No No Day by Rebecca Patterson - Read Aloud Books for Children!

View 1 comment. The story has 4 ending named, Rare which to me actually seemed to be rare, the other one was burnt, and that to me seemed more common, overdone was okay, and on point was happy ending. First time I read something like this. This is one good read for short time. I chose this as I was on my invigilation duty. Lovely short read. All the endings are somewhat similar and still strikingly different. I am loving this short stories spree I am on!

Feb 27, Agnieszka rated it liked it Shelves: short , own-kindle , romance , 0-easy-access-to-read , read-with-review , y-w-europe-uk-and-ireland , x , x , x , x I was very ambivantent about this book and struggled very much how to rate it since I don't see any workable way to do it adequately. I liked the character and story development very much and enjoyed this realistic but still nice turn of events.

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Jun 26, Sarah McNally rated it liked it. Again, another 3 star review for this author.

I liked that you can choose the ending yourself, out of four options. The story in itself was good, as were each ending. I understand they are both doctors at the same surgery, so yes, they Again, another 3 star review for this author. I understand they are both doctors at the same surgery, so yes, they are company partners The edition I have just read contained a lot of spelling mistakes which was frustrating.

Mar 24, Chaitra Chowdhary rated it liked it. A really quick read. I absolutely loved the choice of the endings given and especially loved "rare" it made me laugh literally and i was in a bus - going back home and every single person stared at me like I was a mad woman.!!!

The rest were okay-ish. May 11, J. Alchem rated it it was amazing.

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